Festival Face - WeareFest

Excuse me whilst I crawl out of the hole I have been hiding in for the past 4 days, through no ones fault but my own. Who drank too many Vodka lemonades and ate a ridiculous amount of overpriced junk food this weekend?
*Insert hands up emoji here* That would be me.
I wasn't just having a hormonal breakdown I was actually at We Are Fest, basically a dance music lovers dream. Gorgon City, MK and Hannah Wants were my highlights and honestly it was one of the best days of my life. No Joke.

We Are is a festival in Upminster, Essex, very close to where I live so getting tickets was a no brainer to be honest. I actually wrote an article for my internship on the festival which you can check out here, word is already out about 2016 tickets! I was a tad apprehensive just because I had no idea what to expect but I always figured it could be no worse than the many nights out I had endured clubbing in Essex. Those memories will forever be etched in my memory. The atmosphere was actually really chilled, everyone was in good spirits and generally there weren't any major mishaps. There was the odd security guard chasing someone around the field but that was quite amusing to be honest.
I did have to pay £9 for a chicken burger and chips though so there is that.

Of course no festival face would be complete without some kind of fancy artwork plastered on. I chose the slightly simpler option of using face stickers, I found some on Asos for £4, absolute bargain. Is it totally not casual for me to wear these on a day to day basis because I really really want to? I choose little blue petals which I placed around one eye and then I just placed a little white flower on my other eye, it was fairly minimal but looked pretty damn cool if I may say so myself.

Its not a great picture to show off the top I was wearing but I really love the high neck on this one,  its from New Look and was about £18. I chose a simple pair of black skinny jeans and my burgundy vans to go with. Thankfully I took a denim jacket too because it was bloody freezing in the evening! 

Apologies for the lack of photos that accompany this post, there is a sad story behind it, one that you probably don't care to hear but I shall tell you anyway because I genuinely wanted to cry. So I created the most amazing snapchat story only to get home and have it all just delete itself without me saving anything. Major fail. The fact I could have cried is pretty sad in itself but I know you feel my pain. Right? 

Bring on Wireless! Any festivals your off to this year? I already have my eye on a few more.

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